Whole Or 1/2 Custom Processed Hog

We select only the best from our farm for custom processed hogs. A Great value for you and a nice selection chops, ribs, roasts, and sausage. You talk directly with the processor to get the cuts you want. We charge you $4.00 per pound on the hanging weight, plus whatever your cutting charges are. They are usually about $1 per pound. The hanging weight is not known until the hog is processed. The bone-in hams and bacon are traditionally cured with nitrite, no nitrates, and brown sugar. Shipping charges are added when the weight of the hog is known. Usually shipping is $90 for a half hog, ground ups. No hogs are available Jan-Mar. Plan for a 3-4 week turn-a-round, from the time of ordering. You will need to talk with the butcher to give him cutting instructions, before anything is cut up.

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