Clover Pasture Raised Chicken

Our Grass Based Free Ranged chicken are raised the old fashioned way, outside on the pasture where there is an abundance of healthy green clover, grass, weeds, and sunshine, for a minimum of 3 weeks of growth. They have the perfect growing conditions to product an abundance of juicy white meat and tender dark meat. Our birds take a little longer to grow, but its worth the wait!

No antibiotics, hormones, or animal bi-products are used in their supplemental feed. The supplemental feed we grind ourselves, comes from the NON GMO corn that we raise ourselves on our family farm. They choose what they want to eat and we do raise soybeans on our farm and they might eat some of those.

Our birds are cleaned perfectly, and water cooled. They are shrink wrapped and flash frozen, to lock in freshness at it’s peak! This is the best way to perfectly store a chicken for the winter.

We get many repeat customers because they claim our chickens have the best flavor!


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