100% Berkshire Fully Cooked Hickory Smoked Ham

Grand Champion Bone-in Ham, at the 2014 Minnesota Association of Meat Processors convention, March 2014.
OUR HAMS ARE CURED THE TRADITIONAL WAY WITH A NITRITE. ONLY 1 GRAM OF SUGAR PER 2 OZ SERVING. Ingredients: ham, water, brown sugar, maple sugar, sodium nitrite. NO Soy, Gluten or MSG

All hams contain maple syrup and brown sugar, in the cure. Our hams are cured with a 2% sodium solution, so they are considered low sodium. Once they are smoked, the water weight goes down to the “green weight”, so the hams have basically no water weight. The texture is very meaty and not mushy, that’s why they have won so many awards! Get yours today!!


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