Ground or Slab, Back and Leaf Fat-Not Rendered, 5 LBS

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We are providing ground or slab back and leaf fat, for home rendering into lard.  It will be in 5 pound increments. Flash frozen, shrink wrapped and course ground.  Getting it ground is really nice.  You do not need to cut it up and it renders really easily.

I rendered this fat for my baking and it turned out great! I was really surprised as to how easy it was to do. 

 I used a slow cooker/crock pot, added 1/4 cup of water to the 5 lbs of fat that was thawed. Turned it on high.

I went shopping for 4 hours, yes I said shopping.  When I came back, the meat scraps and connective tissue turned brown and some settled to the bottom.  

Let the lard cool for a bit and then strain through cheese cloth or cotton fabric.  The melted lard will be yellow, but when it cools in a shallow pan, or glass jar,  it turns creamy white.   

Look on my recipe page for photos and process of rendering this fat into lard. 

5 LBS of fat will yield 8 cups of lard.  Place in refrigerator or the freezer , for up to a year.

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Weight 80 oz

2 reviews for Ground or Slab, Back and Leaf Fat-Not Rendered, 5 LBS

  1. nettiescathouse (verified owner)

    First of all, I am very pleased that I received my order of hog fat/leaf fat so quickly; it took a mere few days to arrive. I ordered a total of 15 pounds and rendered all of it the same day it was delivered. Following Dawn’s crock pot method, I was amazed that it was so easy and largely a hands-off process! The end result was six quart-sized Mason jars of lovely snow white lard and about five cups of delicious pork cracklings! Now my freezer is well-stocked and I am a happy woman! Praise the lard!

  2. ccarver143

    I cannot imagine baking without this lard!! I just have to giggle when folks say my baked good are so good and ask what I do. The look on their faces is priceless when I tell them I use lard!! But they sure keep eating! I cannot imagine doing with out it. PPF’s is the best I have found. I prefer the already rendered, since I don’t have the time to do it myself.

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