The pork for jerky, comes from the fresh ham cut of pig, then sliced medium thin.   Whole muscle cuts are used, not ground pork then pressed together.  We rub a lightly seasoned honey BBQ dry rub as a  marinade, then smoked over hickory wood for a slow 10 hour smoke,  this makes the perfect jerky.  Not dried out, but something you can actually bite off with your teeth!  Tender and flavorful.  Each package  weighs .2 oz and has 2 strips.  We sell it by the pound, so 8 packages per pound, approx.

Getting rave reviews at the local farmers market by people who usually eat beef jerky!  No sauce, no MSG.  Contains nitrite but NO nitrates!  shrink wrapped too!  Refrigeration is recommended.

Photo is of our Pork Jerky

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