Stewing Chicken Hen for Broth

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About a 2-3 LB Stewing hen that is full of flavor. This is a 2 year old laying hen (female chicken) that been grass pasture raised, no antibiotics ever, and now makes the best soup stock. Plenty of tender meat for soup or hot dish.  Flash Frozen without giblets.  Makes the best broth or chicken stock for many uses.  USDA inspected.

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2 reviews for Stewing Chicken Hen for Broth

  1. ferretf15 (verified owner)

    I am getting into making bone broth, as recommended at the Weston Price Institute. For this broth, you add 1/4 C vinegar to the water, plus carrot, onion, celery, no salt or spices, and simmer the chicken at least 8 to 12 hours. When I tried it on a regular chicken, it made a decent broth, but the meat was tasteless and mushy after 4 hours. So I tried the new Prairie Pride stewing hen. It looked pretty and healthy, with just a bit more fat than a normal chicken. I left the fat on. It is definitely a stewer – I gave up trying to cut up the raw chicken. But in the pot, as it simmered it smelled like real chicken stock. After 4 hours, I found I could easily pull the big chunks of meat off the bones (throwing the bones and skin back into the pot ). The meat was very tasty and tender, not mushy. My cat ate a bunch, and he hates boiled chicken. Next day, we dipped the meat in BBQ sauce. Yum. The stock was excellent. I left the fat in. It was light and not oily. Great little bird I freeze bone broth in plastic zip bags, 2 C portions. Drink 2 Cups a day to reduce muscle and joint aches. It ‘s a tasty drink with a pinch of salt.

  2. Deidre (verified owner)

    I put one of the two hens I purchased in a stock pot and followed instructions on Youtube for stewing hens. The broth came out soooooooo good. Just a pinch of salt needed to enhance the flavors of the hen and veggies, onions, carrots, celery, thyme, peppercorns. The meat was also really good. Planning to have Stewed Hen and Dumplings tonight? It was also a fun experience. I’m cleaning out my freezer now so I can get a few more before they are gone. Yum!!

    • Dawn Hubmer

      Thank you Deidre, We have had many great comments at the farmers markets too! Thank you for your comments! Dawn

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