The Best Value for your Money! 35/lbs- flash frozen and shrink wrapped pork and chicken

Store in freezer for up to 9 months with this great, secure packaging!

 Order Now!  /ships on Mondays, We may need to make a few product adjustments if we are out of something listed on the bundle.

2- Pork Shoulder Roasts,  3-4 LBS each

2 pkg – 1″ Bone in chops, 2 per pk 

2 pkg- 1.5-inch boneless pork chops, 2 per pkg

1 pkg -Chicken Legs 2+ lbs

1pkg- drummys 2+ lbs

2 pkg – boneless chicken breast, 2 per pkg

2-1/4 ham, bone-in 

1 Racks Spare Ribs, 2 lbs each

2 pkg Seasoned pork sausage, NO MSG

2 100% Ground Pork, 1 lb per pkg

2 Italian Sausage, NO MSG 1 lb pkg

2 pkg Hickory Smoked bacon