HALF HOG, Processed 100% Berkshire Kurobuta Pork-SALE

$450.00 $315.00


Chops, roasts, hams, bacon, ground pork, and breakfast sausage patties. Approx. weight, 90 LBS, you get back about 70 lbs.  INCLUDES  processing, shrink wrapped and white paper wrapped. Shipping is extra. The hog can be frozen up to 9 months in your freezer. Pre processed in our most popular cuts. Pick up at farmers market, in St. Paul MN or I can ship.  We are butchering on April 4th, so they will be ready in 3 weeks after that.

Only 20 hogs available at this price. $3.50 per pound includes processing, plus shipping, but you can pick up at a local farmers market if you want.


You would get approx.: (70 lbs of cuts and trim)

14 lbs of shoulder/butt roasts

12 lbs of Hickory smoked regular Bacon

12 lbs of Pork Chops, 1″ bone in

12 lbs of smoked bone in, half hams (2 halves) and fresh hocks (for soups)

15 lbs of ground pork, and breakfast sausage patties

Additional information

Weight 3360 oz


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