Owners of Prairie Pride Farm of MN

Dawn and Roger Hubmer and Megan, their Australian Sheppard “helper” dog. Owners of Prairie Pride Farm of MN, LLC

“Ok, so it has taken me a bit to write but here goes… Last October, I was on the hunt for lard. I needed to make a cookie that my great-grandmother made for my mother as a little girl. I went to every butcher and market within 60 miles of my home. No luck. Commercially raised pigs are too lean, and I could find any farm raising heritage brands.

I took to the internet and found you. Ordered the lard and made the cookies. My mother cried and it was the best Christmas ever.

I am now hooked on lard for all my baking. While I am an experienced cook and always get rave reviews for my dishes, they now are even better!

I will now be a regular ‘lard’ customer. My last order was two 4 pound buckets. They arrived still very cold but not frozen.

Thank You So Much!!!”
Candace in Texas

“I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived safely last week. It is fabulous! Now that I am completely off processed grocery store food and am all about grass fed and real food, pork has been so hard to find. I am grateful that I stumbled upon your farm. My Mom will be placing an order too in a day or so and I will be reordering in September. GREAT service!!!”
Lesa Browning

“A quick note to say THANK YOU. I have eaten in 22 different countries and virtually every state in the U.S. Never have I had better pork than yours. Terri (my wife) and I are your new permanent customers.”
H.T. (Terry)
Bunker International
747 Airline Pilot

“My husband and I both work full-time and with a 2 year old under heel, we like to be able to enjoy good food at a convenience. We found purchasing Prairie Pride Pork solved both of these needs. It is convenient to use, as we always have a supply on hand in our freezer and the taste – it just doesn’t compare to what you can get in local grocery stores or even meat markets. We love to grill, roast, pan fry, or use in pasta recipes. Pork from Prairie Pride Farm works great for all of these! I just pop a frozen pack into the microwave for a couple minutes to thaw then finish the preparation as I like. Another plus is that I know it is raised without any growth hormones or antibiotics. It seems like everyday in the newspapers you read about something new to watch out for. Pork from Prairie Pride Farm of MN lets me go without that worry.”
Mary L.H. Barnidge
Burnsville, MN

“Hi Dawn, I want to let you know the pork loin roast was absolutely wonderful. As usual, the best pork anywhere! When all 14 people sat down to eat my “Fall Harvest Dinner”, I let them know all of the ingredients for the dinner came from the Farmer’s Mkt, and yes, I said, even the pork! What a treat it always is. AND, the ribs we had that I bought were really wonderful too. Since you told me how to cook the ribs, why, it’s a piece of cake! Thanks again for the pork this past year. Your hard work is appreciated here at the Rohleder household.”
Pat Rohleder

“Last month I had you send some product to my sister Betty DePaul in California following her husband’s death. She was ill for a while so I was not able to talk to her until today.

Betty has suffered from major allergies to any kind of chemicals for many years requiring her to move out of the Southern California area to Central California. She has not been able to eat many things for years. When I talked to her today she told me she was thrilled with your product. She read the booklet and decided to try something she has not been able to eat for years which was the bacon. Loved it, had no bad reaction and said that is a food she has really missed. She had the pork chops and want more. She told me she is sold on your product.”
Don Ruffing

“Living in rural Minnesota and working with farmers everyday, I have had the opportunity to buy pork directly from many sources. Of all the different breeds and production systems, one source has really stood out for us, Prairie Pride Pork. The Hubmer’s have consistently offered the best tasting product for our family.”
Bernie Paulson
Eagle Lake, MN

I’m a new customer and received my first order from you last week. I thought you might appreciate some feedback.

– I’m a “foodie” and I make many gourmet meals for my family of 5 at home.
– I like to buy the highest quality, most flavorful foods available. I couldn’t care less about the latest health fads since I’ve lived long enough to know that all the scientists will change their minds twice over the course of the next 10 years.
– I live in the Silicon Valley area of Northern California, quite a distance from you.

– When I opened the very large, well insulated box you sent recently, the contents were in immaculate condition—great wrapping, still frozen, well packed.
– The breakfast sausage…oh my god—whoever came up with that recipe is my new BFF
– That said, I hate your chicken. I hate it because now I can never buy chicken from the local grocery store ever again. Absolutely phenomenal.
– You might want to include some marketing materials with your orders. I personally think that word of mouth would be a great growth vehicle for you.

I hope you find this helpful. As you can tell, I intend to be a customer for a long time. Thank you for making my week even happier.”
Anthony, March 2010

“BEST BABY BACK RIBS that I have ever had. I understand that you were short on ribs when I ordered. If at all possible, could you let me know when you have some more available! This made a great christmas gift.”
Donovan Eide
Tioga ND

“Hi Dawn, I bought one of your Rack of Pork Loin Roasts and I cooked it this past weekend. Well, let me tell you, between your excellent meat and that recipe (herb crusted pork roast), I thought I had become more than a gourmet cook. It’s so-o-o good, Dawn! Anyway, thanks again for supplying such a high quality meat. WE LOVE IT! I had almost given up making pork roasts because the flavors were so bland and the meat so tough. You have given life to my culinary abilities.”
Pat Rohleder
Burnsville, MN

“My teenage daughter thinks that she should become a vegetarian, but she just can’t stop eating Roger’s Pork! It’s the only meat she will eat.”
Mother of a St.Peter, MN teenage daughter

“Hi Roger and Dawn, I have tried pork from several different farms and your pork is by far the best! Always juicy and tender! thank you!”
Bernie Paulson
Eagle Lake, MN

Prairie Pride Farm of MN In The News:

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“Their little piggies go to Farmer’s Market” Local farm family tries selling their pork products directly to consumers. Mankato Free Press. June 1, 1999.
Charter Member of MN BBQ Society
Kansas City BBQ Society member
MEAT QUALITY, we’ve got it—we’ve always had it. Long before meat quality became an issue, Prairie Pride Farm was testing carcasses and breeding for constant improvement