Includes processing plus shipping cost.  But you can select local pick up and pick up at a farmers market we attend in St. Paul, Burnsville or Lakeville.  St. Paul-Lowertown- 8-1 every Saturday and Sunday.


We sell 100% Certified Berkshire Pork, direct from our family farm.

Taste the DifferenceDrug Free.  Sustainably and Humanely Raised.

All Pork and Chicken is: Shrink Wrapped, Flash Frozen, to lock in freshness at its peak.

This secure packaging will keep your meat safe and in perfect condition for 9 months or longer!

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The 6th generation Hubmer family farm has been located on the open prairie in southern Minnesota, since 1878. 

Roger and Dawn Hubmer started PPF in 1998.  We did not trust the direction the hog industry was going and wanted to remain independent and small.  Large barns were going up and we felt like our small independent ways were going to become something of the past.  The hog industry wanted lean hogs and we did not agree with that, we thought the consumer wanted flavor!  Fat carries flavor, so we kept the fattier hogs and started going to farmers markets.

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Animal Husbandry practices:  In 1995 Roger consulted with Dr. Temple Grandin after a chance meeting in the hotel elevator at the Minnesota Pork Congress.  With advice from Dr. Grandin, Roger was able to design a humane livestock production and handling system that provides comfort, warmth, cleanliness, and well being for our animals. 

Our farming passion: To sustainably and humanely raise happy, healthy, flavorful Heritage Pork and tender Pasture Raised Chickens. We pride ourselves on consistent quality, by selecting only the very best from our herd.  Not all pork is the same!  

The meat we raise is drug free, gluten free, minimally processed, no MSG and many items are nitrate and nitrite free. (Except for the natural occurring nitrite found in celery powder and sea salts)   Clean food for your body, so your body can start healing itself!  Taste the difference!

LARD– We do have rendered lard available for sale through this site.  We also have ground hog fat/leaf fat for home rendering.  We have an easy recipe/method on our recipe page.  Please check it out!    thanks!

You can purchase the meat we raise through this website and at the St. Paul Farmers Market in Minnesota. Order online today, then have it shipped or pick up at the market!   We also cater weddings, company picnics, and events with the meat that we raise.  Consider using locally grown natural meats!  Menu options are under the catering link at the top of this page.

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 What do the animals eat?

Our hogs and chickens love our own Non-GMO conventional corn that we sustainably raise ourselves, using no-till and ridge till and strip till conservation practices, then grind the corn into feed for our pigs and supplement feed for the pasture raised chickens.  We add vitamins, minerals, alfalfa, and regano to the corn to make a balanced diet.  No drugs or antibiotics.  The chickens do get the added protein from bugs and worms they eat around the farm.  The hogs are not that interested in anything else but a NON GMO corn diet.

We were awarded the Conservation Stewardship Grant, from USDA, for our conservation farming practices in 2010.  November 2014 we were named the Blue Earth County Conservation Stewardship Family of the year for 2014

Clean Food to Keep your Body Healthy

We take personal pride in providing you with over 40 conveniently packaged USDA INSPECTED, products specializing in “uncured” real hickory smoked bacon, summer sausages, and smoked link sausages. No liquid smoke is used. The innovative smoking techniques of Steve’s Meats from Ellendale, MN and our Prairie Pride Heritage pork, creates the award winning smoked products that you will enjoy. Our ham and smoked sausages are fully cooked and ready to eat. Lower in salt and sodium, naturally!  Brown sugar and maple sugar is added to the brine.  If you want sugar free bacon, please select side pork or pork belly.

Hickory Smoked Bacon Close up

We save our leaf fat for making Leaf Lard for baking and frying. It is sold in 2 different size pails that can be frozen or stored in the refrigerator for up to 9 months.

Our products are sold at our local farmers markets and through this website. We ship anywhere within the US usually within a week. Please take a look at our videos, they were created by SPNN for the St.Paul Farmers Market in August 2012.

What is different about our Omega 3 Chickens?

FLAVOR!! Grass Based Chickens are loaded with flavor and nutrition. Omega-3 fatty acid was thought to be found only in fish and flax fed chickens. But a recent University of MN study, done on our farm, shows that our chickens have 145 mg of Omega 3 per 6oz serving. A ratio of 8:1 of omega 6:3 is incredible. This provides a substantial amount of healthy fat for your diet.

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Our Clover Pastured free range Chickens are raised the same way that Dawn’s Grandma Holteen did, outdoors with lots of TLC! The alfalfa and oat blend of natural grasses on the pasture, create a smorgasbord of tasty grasses for the chickens to eat. We also have a mixture of ground non-GMO corn feed for them to eat, if they so desire. This meaty breed of chicken has a large abundance of white meat, juicy dark meat and healthy yellow skin. Soon to be a hit at your family’s Sunday dinner. Of course, they are drug free.  Taste the Difference!

Family Size Packaging

Prairie Pride packages over 40 Prairie Pride pork  and chicken cuts for today’s smaller families. So you can purchase just the cuts you want, like: bone-in rib chops, boneless loin roasts, tenderloin, boston butt roast, hickory smoked bacon, pork belly, sausage and even rendered lard for baking or frying.


2 LB Boneless Loin Roast. Rub not included.

Shipping box

Shipping box with liner

Our sturdy shipping box is designed to ship your perishable product safely!  We wrap every product in butcher paper, pack the box tightly into the reflective liner and tape the Styrofoam box shut.  The cardboard outer liner protects your product and add insulation!  The box can be re-used and makes a nice car cooler!  My brother-in law likes to keep fishing bate in them.

All of our meats are shrink wrapped and flash frozen to lock in freshness and flavor at its peak. We take personal pride in bringing the very best from our farm to you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind all of our products and services 100%. If you are not satisfied, we will issue you a refund or credit on your next order. Quality and service and you are #1 with Prairie Pride Farm.

We appreciate your business! Thank-you! Roger & Dawn, farmers.