130 lbs of cabbagePrepping the cabbageSauerkraut in the crocks

Making Sauerkraut has become an annual fall event for our family.  Last year we processed 130 LBS of cabbage into sauerkraut.  We used Grandma June’s recipe she used for many years.  Let sit in a 20 gallon crock, for approx. 6 weeks, in a warm room, about 75 degrees.  If the room is cooler plan for a longer fermenting time.  The room needs to be warm for the process of turning cabbage to kraut to happen.

Recipe and method:

Plan for every 10 lbs of shredded cabbage you need 1/2 cup of kosher or canning salt

Weigh cabbage to be accurate!

Shred cabbage with a food processor using a 2mm blade.  the cabbage will be shredded to the prefect size.  We pre cut and clean the cabbage of bad leaves before we place into the processor.

Place cabbage into crock and add 1/2 cup of salt, tamp down to get juices flowing.

Continue this process until the cabbage is gone. Pack the crock tightly.

Place a clean dish towel over cabbage, tucking the edges down along the cabbage and crock, this will seal and keep the kraut free of bugs.  Place a plate over dish towel, and place a heavy jar on top of the plate.  This pushes the kraut down so the liquid that forms will come to the surface and seal the kraut during fermenting. This also keeps air out of the fermenting kraut, important for tasty kraut!

Now just sit and wait!  Foamy liquid will form onto of dish towel, that means the process is working.  Be patient! it will happen.  after about 5 weeks, remove the towel, and check the kraut.  It should taste like kraut and be slightly crunchy.  If it is mushy it may have fermented too long.  Remove any rotten kraut and hot water bath can or place in a jar in the refrigerator, where it will keep.

 Next blog will be about the canning process! Happy Kraut making!  Dawn