The sauerkraut only took 4 weeks to complete the fermentation process this year. We tested it by tasting it!  It was crunchy and tasted like kraut. This year we used 4 smaller crocks instead of one large crock, plus we made it in September and not December.  The room temperature was a constant 67 degrees. 

I let the juices of the kraut form on the plate and when mold started to form, I skimmed that off and tasted the kraut. I put the plate back on, after cleaning the mold off, and got ready for the canning process.

Sauerkraut in crock-fermented                   DSCN1809                    Close up of Kraut in Crock

The clean canning jars were packed fairly tightly, to the top of the jar, leaving  1/2 inch from the top.  Leave some of the juice on the top of the jars. I like the wide mouth jars because they are easier to pack tightly.  A hot water bather method was used for canning.  I set the jars in warm water, then brought up to a slow boil.  After about 30 minutes (for pints) the water was turned off and the jars removed from the water bath and let cool on a wire rack.  You will hear the jars seal as they cool.  They make a pop sound.

Canned Sauerkraut

These can be stored for a couple of years in a cool, dark area like a basement or root cellar.  Enjoy!