I have a concern: that there is a whole generation of young folks that will never know what REAL HEALTHY food tastes like. 

I grew up eating “organic” food we raised on the family farm.  I didn’t know there was a difference.  I learned to cook from scratch, bake our own bread, drank raw milk from our cows, ate the meat we raised, plus froze and canned lots of veggies for the winter.  I am not suggesting we live our lives like this now, that was a lot of work and I had no social life either! 

But the point is, that food was pure and flavor was clean, and was great nutrition for your body.  Now I see a generation of picky eaters and people with many food allergies.  Maybe our medical system is so much better now that we are identifying problems that were always there, or maybe we have created all these problems ourselves with the foods we eat.

This concern grew into my passion to raise and grow, good, clean, wholesome, drug free, non-altered, non injected, sustainably raised meat from our farm, and have it available to anyone who want to eat clean food. 

YOUR BODY needs clean food so that it can clean itself!  Being able to fight off diseases and infections, is something your body does for you everyday.  But when it comes across all the extra junk, your body gets bogged down.  Keep it clean and simple and your body will work more efficiently for you.

FLAVOR: Is what your children and family member will really discover when they eat clean whole foods. Picky eaters are asking for more!  Clean foods satisfies the taste buds and you feel great!

See you at the farmers market in St. Paul, Saturday, even during the winter, 9-1pm.  I’ll be there with my soapbox, just get me started!  Enjoy good food, everyday, Dawn