Taking Pride- Staying small on Purpose

Success Farming, March 2017 issue, has a story about us!! you can view online at the link below. Dawn and Roger http://www.agriculture.com/family/small-farm-pride

St. Paul Farmers Market Winter Schedule for 2017-18

The ST PAUL WINTER Farmers Market is OPEN IN LOWERTOWN  SATURDAY  9am-1pm I will have eggs, breakfast sausages, all chicken, pork roasts,  PORK CHOPS and Ribs!  If the weather is stormy or below 10 degrees, I may not come.  You can text me the night before or before 6am on the day of market.  507.340.8484  Pauls# 507.340.3612 […]

Rendered, non hydrogenated Lard for sale

I am now selling rendered lard until I run out.  Order online now!! It is available in 1.5 pound and 5 pound containers.  Rendered and READY to USE.  No additives or preventives,  JUST PLAIN RENDERED LARD, non hydrogenated.  Healthy creamy white fat from my hogs that is rendered in an open kettle.  Neutral healthy smell.  My same great […]

Sustainable Farmer of the Year Award

Roger and I were recently recognized as the Sustainable Farmer of the Year for Blue Earth County 2014 from SWCD.  We are very proud of this award and would like to show you what we did to earn this award!  Please watch Rogers video on our home page of our farming practices! 

Laying hen and old machinery

My Passion as a Home Economist and Farmer

I have a concern: that there is a whole generation of young folks that will never know what REAL HEALTHY food tastes like.  I grew up eating “organic” food we raised on the family farm.  I didn’t know there was a difference.  I learned to cook from scratch, bake our own bread, drank raw milk from our cows, ate the meat we raised, plus […]

Free Parking at the St. Paul Winter Farmers Market

The best part about the Winter Farmers Market is parking FREE next to your favorite Farmer, then shop with ease, knowing you are not going to be towed! Free parking during Winter Farmers Market hours every Saturday, 9-1pm. You don’t have to park “a mile away”, park next to my farmers market freezer truck, during market hours, […]

Dawn’s Farmers Market Winter Schedule for St. Paul MN

I will be at the St. Paul Farmers Market, with my Freezer truck, in St. Paul: 9-1pm Saturday: Dec 20, 27 Saturday Jan 3, 24, 31 Saturday February 7th Look for my cart inside @ the Farmers Market (Golden’s Deli) on the days I do not have the truck there.  Kelly, Lisa or Bernie can help […]

Making Sauerkraut-Step 3

The sauerkraut only took 4 weeks to complete the fermentation process this year. We tested it by tasting it!  It was crunchy and tasted like kraut. This year we used 4 smaller crocks instead of one large crock, plus we made it in September and not December.  The room temperature was a constant 67 degrees.  I let […]

Cabbage in Crock

Making Homemade Sauerkraut, Step 1 and 2

Making Sauerkraut has become an annual fall event for our family.  Last year we processed 130 LBS of cabbage into sauerkraut.  We used Grandma June’s recipe she used for many years.  Let sit in a 20 gallon crock, for approx. 6 weeks, in a warm room, about 75 degrees.  If the room is cooler plan for a […]

Rendering Leaf Lard in a Crock Pot

I finally have written down my recipe/method for rendering lard in a crock pot.  This method is very safe and EASY to do.  Please go to my recipe page for the method and photos.  Since I can not get the USDA to approve me selling rendered lard to you, please try making lard yourself! When I was […]