Secrets to good BBQ Ribs

With all the hard work, you want ribs that will say WOW!


  1. Start with Good meat—buy from a farm that has consistent quality meaty hogs. You know what you are getting then. Prairie Pride Farm has been perfecting tasty pork for 34 years. We hand select each hog to become Prairie Pride Pork. We produce and sell 100% Kurobuta Berkshire Pork, the good stuff. 
  2. St Louis Style , Country style or the king—Back Ribs can all be equally impressive on the grill Just depends on what you want to pay. Back ribs are the king.
  3. Grill, get one that has flame deflectors. Keeps the flare up down and the heat more consistent. Not as many hot spots
  4. Choose a dry rub marinade with no MSG if possible.
  5. Sauce- Choose one that does not have a catsup base. That way you will have a complex sauce that has depth and flavor.   Make your own from a sauce you like as a base, or use Blackberry Blaze from Prairie Pride.
  6. Do not parboil ribs this pulls the flavor right out and the rub has no chance to penetrate the meat.
  7. Rub ribs, let sit on counter while grill is heating up to 250 degrees
  8. Indirect heat: Place ribs away from the flame.
  9. Internal temp of grill at 250 for 2-3 hours depends on the thickness of the ribs for the length of grilling time
  10.  Mop sauce at the end
  11. Check for doneness: Grab with a tong, If the ribs have a slight bend they are done. Foil and let rest for 15 minutes, while you are getting the rest of the meal on the table.
  12. Serve with grilled asparagus, and spinach salad with vinaigrette and Rogers Hard lemonade. (1 can of frozen lemonade, 1 can vodka, 3 cans of beer serve over ice)